Our Community

We proudly serve the local communities of Elk Rapids, Rapid City & Alden, and Central Lake.  Our local community members support us by shopping local, and we want to prove to them how much we appreciate their support by striving to exceed their expectations with product requests, clean environment, and friendly staff.   In effort to support our local community programs, we offer a unique Community Cash program that helps support our local non-profits - this program runs from Labor Day until Memorial Day, and each group saves the receipts they collect from our customers.  Over 50 groups in our local areas participate in the program, and recieve a cash reward once the slips are tallied. We also award the winner with the highest total of $ amount by giving them an additional cash bonus reward.

The Village Market also has gas stations in Elk Rapids and Rapid City where many of our customers count on us for having competitively priced quality gasoline.